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The Final Seminar of The B.E.S.T. “Building up Entrepreneurial Skills through Reducing Consumption Levels in a Multilingual Way.”

Article published on 29 April 2017
dernière modification le 30 April 2017

by S. Maillard
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Programme :
Opening: Headmaster Mr. Arto Martikainen
France: project website.
Poland: consumerism.
Spain: small businesses and employability.
Finland: short term mobilities.
Austria: long term mobilities.
Interview students who have participated in short and long term mobilities.

Discussion in the teachers room in a cocktail party.

Presentation of the project and of the website (by France) :

Presentation about consumerism (by Poland) :

Powerpoint - 1.7 Mb

Présentation about small businesses and employability (by Spain) :

Presentation about short term mobilities (by Finland) :

Powerpoint - 7 Mb

Presentation about Long term mobilities (by Austria) :

Interview students who have participated in short and long term mobilities.

Students from France and Finland are now going to tell you their experiences of mobilities. We will ask them questions and also you as an audience can take part in our conversation.

1.Lea and Lou, where did you get the idea of long term mobility?
2. Why Finland?
3. You have spent now one month here in Havukoski school. Is there anything in Finnish school that has surprised you? Or what did you expect?

1.Fanny, you have been to both long term and short term mobilities. Where on Earth you’ve been travelling?
2. What do you think, what kind of characters you must have when you are so called “exchange student” at age of 15?
3. What did you learn during your stay in Salzburg?

1.Lumi and Jussi, you are short term students and also hosts for our guests. Why were you involved in this project?
2. What kind of activities you have done during your mobility week? Did it feel like holiday or school?
3. How about hosting? What is the best thing about hosting a European teenager?

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